A women-led international company, that consists of committed, young and dynamic engineers and architects. We provide fresh approach to the procurement and supply chain sector.

People choose to work with us for a number of reasons. These include:

•Working with large corporate entities to small, medium enterprises
and start-ups
•Working within both the public and private sectors
•Providing a comprehensive range of packages
•Having close, long-term partnerships with sought-after suppliers in Lebanon and globally
•Providing invaluable services that are engineered so you receive equivalent alternatives to your specified products at more convenient rates
•Providing greater costs savings delivered faster and more sustainably
•Listening, understanding, analyzing, interpreting and acting on you and your company’s needs
•Delivering greater value to your company over the long-term
•Forging a relationship built on trust

In return, you get a better project that is inspired, functional and of a higher standards. This is because our partnerships with top industry suppliers are strong and continuously growing.

Work with us and gain access to our vast vendor database of quality manufacturers, stockists and official distributors, some of whom are not even online.




We, Konnect & Co., declare that we embark on completing
the works under our scope to the highest qualities and
standards, by fully complying with the projects’ specifications
and meeting the time of completion.

Our establishment is focused on the continuous development
and settles only for the delivery of the best products.
We ensure to our valuable clients a firm and permanent
commitment to Quality.

We undertake to deliver quality products on time, to perform
as per the country and projects’ obligations and to strive to
achieve the client’s satisfaction.